Help needed with wordpress/dakon/email

Reposting this request from Andrew Dean (the beardy andrew) []

Hey Hivemind.

I’m trying to set up a multi vendor commerce wordpress market for the kids at school so they can have little “shops” online to customize and sell their creations… probably to their parents.
I registered a cheap name ( and got its certificates up on a linode with debian 10 using wordpress, dakon multivendor plugin and woocommerce… but I can’t get any emails to send from any of them. I checked with linode and had them unblock the smtp port and tried running a wordpress plugin to send via gmail, but didn’t thave luck. All i need is for wordpress to be able to send admin emails (for account authentication mostly, but maybe purchase confirmation) from a single mail account. I don’t really care which method it uses, but as a school project i’m bankrolling out of my pocket, obviously, cheap/free is ideal.

I’m way over my head. Any linux geeks willing to jump in (i can give you full access to the linode… or heck, you can change it to a different os if that helps.) I thought i was doing a geeky favor to the kids but I don’t have the skills to know what i should do… or the memory to confirm what I tried. There’s literally nothing at risk by mucking with the server other than having to re-issue security certificates so if there is a “this is what i would do” followed by “and I’m willing to do it for you”, i’d love to hear from you!