Mailing list functionality

With it’s email-only interaction capability, will this Discourse platform be a replacement for our soon-to-be defunct mailing list management system, OnlineGroups.Net? I think it could be… What do others think.

Suspect there’s a configuration issue… yes - I haven’t set up the full configuration of the uncategorised topic… doing that now.

In other news: I’ve created the mailbox and set up the reply submission to use discourse+%{reply_key} as the email…

I’ve added an alias to, based on this post, of reply@ and reconfigured the ‘reply by email address’ setting to be reply+%{reply_key}

Yes, since I originally posted my most recent comment above, I realised that I’d got the wrong end of the stick… and I’ve now configured the uncategorised category to be a ‘mailing list’ style category, with the email.

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Hmm, starting to think that having a dedicated email domain might be the proper way to do this.

E.g. etc

But lets not get ahead of ourselves and get this test running first!

Aha, I see you already got it going, with everything going to Uncategorized

Yes, that’s right, for testing purposes. Happy to set up for email…

Dave enabled mailing list mode on the site, and I’ve enabled it in my settings, so lets see if I get an email about this post…