Meeting December 14th 8pm

The next meeting is scheduled for December 14th at 8pm.
It will use our BigBlueButton, see Meetup invitation or NZOSS Rocket.Chat for the URL

Log of the first hours text chat in the monthly meeting.
Eliot was lamenting that his child was preferring imovie on their iphone to flowblade on their linux laptop, the discussion range across many available video editing tools…

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[20:17] Eliot B: Advent of Code 2021
[20:25] Alister:
[20:29] Eliot B:
[20:31] Alister: Flowblade - Free & Libre Video Editor
[20:32] Eliot B:
[20:33] Eliot B: lossless-cut | The swiss army knife of lossless video/audio editing
[20:34] Eliot B: Of course blender is the the whole cutlery drawer of a tool…
[20:38] Eliot B:
[20:41] David Neil:
[20:42] Eliot B: Kdenlive | Libre Video Editor
[20:47] David Neil: kino, lives, cinelerra, lightworks, vidcutter
[20:47] Alister:
[20:48] Eliot B: NZOSS forum would be a place to ask/answer the question about e.g. what video editor is good to use currently
[20:52] Alister:
[20:53] Alister:
[20:58] Eliot B:
[21:00] Eliot B: Hi Brent
[21:05] David Neil: Edit video on Linux with Kdenlive
Try your hand at professional video editing with this KDE application.
[21:06] David Neil: Quick video editing on Linux with Flowblade Quick video editing on Linux with Flowblade |
[21:07] David Neil: KDEnlive: Edit video on Linux with Kdenlive |