Stats from NZOSS online groups site

Thinking about transitioning from groups at to this forum, I gathered some data about the groups hosted there. Here it is for posterity (or the next time everything ends up in the bit-bucket)

Name members topics last post
NZOSS openchat 262 many 2021-10-02
WOSSAT 42 many 2021-08-10
FOSS Fab 36 1
NZ Digital Lit 26 0
NZOSS Tech team 32 8 2018-05-29
Online Democracy 26 4
Open Standards 41 4 2015
Semantic Web 27 15 2016
Cacophony Project 59 many 2021-01-22
UALUG 25 2
UAV 28 2015

What do these stats tell us, specifically about the state of F/LOSS in New Zealand and the NZOSS?

Thanks for raising this @eliotb. I understand that OnlineGroups is in sunset mode and it would be a shame to lose the history of NZOSS discussions contained in the archives of those email lists, when OnlineGroups is finally turned off. If you’re proposing making a category here for each of those email lists and migrating its archives, I support this 110%.

I don’t have the skills to help with the work involved, or the money to fund it, but if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. I could, for example, reach out to the Discourse folks, who might be interested in supporting the development of a generic, free code tool for importing old email lists into a Discourse forum?